Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference144

Unitals in the desarguesian projective plane of order 16
Alfred Wassermann ; John Bamberg; Anton Betten; Cheryl E. Praeger

2014, Elsevier, in: Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference, Jg.:2014, Hnr.: 144, S.: 110  - 122 Doi-Nummer: 10.1016/j.jspi.2012.10.006

Using computer, we classify the unitals in the Desarguesian projective plane of order 16. We use computational methods based on analysis involving tactical decompositions to break symmetry, making a computer search feasible. We prove that all unitals in PG(2,16)PG(2,16) are known, namely, up to isomorphism, there are exactly two Buekenhout–Metz unitals (one of them the Hermitian curve).

Universität Bayreuth -